Already a few months before we created this wiki in spring 2023, there were internal considerations of creating a public wiki. As a technology affine person or system admin it's always the same: Searching the internet for a solution to a problem that is bothering you, wondering whether you could be the only person running into this specific bug. After hours of reading tickets, lengthy forum posts and documentation, it gets frustrating and you are standing empty handed.

After a major system outage in 2020, we recreated our entire setup from scratch. :-\. A lot of adjustments and setups were made during this process, so it was necessary to document it somewhere safe. We were in need of a modern and flexible documentation system why we started using DokuWiki. After years of using Dokuwiki internally, it's grown much larger than we expected and contains helpful documentation and tutorials.

As Linux enthusiasts, we are now at the point of giving back to the community. Since solutions can sometimes be found in a side comment of a lengthy forum post, or are sometimes being published in places that won’t be online for long, we want to give the internet a place to store these things for ever and accessible for everyone. Such “fixes” or solutions that we found are now documented in our internal wiki. We thought it was a pity that this not accessible to anyone, so from now on we try to publish as much as possible.

This wiki is maintained by the IT department of Brecht Schule Hamburg (Brecht School Hamburg) - or BIT for short - where this Wiki is physically hosted on our campus right next to compiling servers of Artix Linux. As described in the paragraph above, this wiki should primarly provide fixes to anyone that had/has the same problem as we had, for which reason we named it

A list of all authors can be found here, a ranking of all contributions/authors here.

If you've found any mistake or improvement proposal, just contact us under or

But as always, we assume no liability or responsibility for the correctness of the content of this wiki!

Brecht Schule Hamburg (engl. Brecht School), is one of the largest private schools in center of Hamburg (Northern Germany) with currently more than 1000 students. It has five school forms, including an elementary school, high and junior high school, a commercial school and an evening high school.

Since 2003 the school is located next to the central station in Hamburg in an old folks school building. During the last decades the school grew and grew which prompted the school to construct another building next to the old one. For more information visit our homepage under

There is also a Wikipedia page of Brecht Schule Hamburg (German Wikipedia).


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