This page contains many helpful tools or services for system administrators and all others.

Tool Link Usage type
Disk2VHD Sysinternals Disk2VHD Clone a physical drive to a VHD
SIDCHG Stratesave SIDCHG Info / SIDCHG Download Change Windows SID after cloning a drive (e.g. when using in a domain)
CT Notwin CT-Notwin Heise Reset user password of a local Windows user without loggin in
Nirsoft DevManView Nirsoft DevManView Delete (unused) Windows drivers (manually)
SDCardFormatter Formatter Format SD cards
Win32DiskImager Burn images on SD-cards
ProfWiz - Profwiz Change Domain of Windows user profiles
TransWiz - Transwiz Ex- and import of Windows user profiles
Tool Link Usage type
Cockpit Web-based desktop access to Linux environments
RustDesk Alternative to AnyDesk or TeamViewer (free, self-hostable, reliable)
Blockada Local VPN for mobile phones to block Ads (Android)
PiHole DNS Server with Webinterface to block Ads (developed for Raspberry Pi but run on nearly every Linux)
AdguardHome AdguardHome DNS DNS Server mit Webinterface zum Entfernen von Ads
Binnen-I be gone Binnen-I be gone - Chrome Webstore Plugin for Webbrowsers to automatically remove “gender speech” in German language
The-QR-Code-Generator Free tool to create QR-Codes
Openmediavault Open-source debian-based network-attached storage solution
Ventoy USB-Boot-Tool, can directly boot into any ISO without burning it to the flash drive
MedicatUSB All-in-One Systemrecovery USB-Tool (Built on top of ventoy)
SergeiStrelec All-in-One Systemrecovery USB-Tool based on Windows, similar to Medicat
Balena Etcher Balena Etcher - Github Flash images on USB-sticks
Service Link Usage type
icanhazip View public IP (also via CLI)
distrosea Test several Linux Distros within a browser. (free)
Package Link Usage type
fail2ban fail2ban GitHub Automatically scan logs to block IPs with too many failed authentications. Installation via apt.
pm2 CLI process management tool for servers (not free)
smb4k Mount network shares directly to a path (can be used under Kubuntu, to mount directly), has a GUI
pdftk Manage PDF's from CLI
poppler-utils Manage PDF's from CLI (For example merging with pdfunite)
gohttp Simple HTTP file server for Linux (secure-by-password functionality)
Software Link Usage type
BlueMail MailClient (IMAP/POP/Exchange[Outlook]), also available on other OSes
Thunderbird MailClient (IMAP/POP)
OnlyOffice Office (Office365 like), self-hostable
WPS Office Office (Office365 like)
Nextcloud Office Office synced with Nextcloud
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