Rustdesk is a free open source self-hostable remote desktop software for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

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Sometime it might be necessary to edit the Rustdesk config from CLI, for example when switching between relay servers.

To do this proceed as following: (This tutorial was tested on a Systemd-based system)

  • Firstly stop the Rustdesk service
sudo systemctl stop rustdesk.service
  • Then navigate to /root/.config/rustdesk/, therefore change to root:
su root
cd /root/.config/rustdesk
  • There should be three files in this directory: RustDesk.toml, RustDesk2.toml and RustDesk_hwcodec.toml. Edit the second one:
nano RustDesk2.toml
  • The content of this file should look like this:
rendezvous_server = '<rendevouz-server-ip>'
nat_type = 1
serial = 3
rendezvous-servers = ',,'
key = '<key>'
custom-rendezvous-server = '<rendevouz-server-ip>'
local-ip-addr = '<local-ip>'
enable-audio = 'N'
relay-server = '<relay-server-ip>'
audio-input = 'Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo'
  • Now you can edit the rendevous-server-ip, the <relay-server-ip> and the key. Fill in the required values and exit.
  • Then restart the server:
sudo systemctl start rustdesk.service
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